Mayuri Wijayasundara PhD, CGMA

Understanding the world of business, science of sustainability and mechanics of circular economy are my strengths.


I am a management consultant/professional with nearly a decade of first-hand experience in strategy formulation and implementation. Leading project and change management to transform businesses operating in complex environments, is where I have worked as a practitioner mostly.


Having led research at Deakin University focusing on enablers of a circular economy, I now specialise in applications in strategizing and operationalising transition towards a circular economy.


I develop insights, solutions and tools in this field and also write, speak and share original thoughts and knowledge contributions.


Take a look at some of the snapshots of my journey as you read more about me.

Mayuri Wijayasundara

What I Do

In my current role, I work as a consultant, advisor and a solution provider. I am research-active through research supervision and working as a leading investigator in projects.


As a researcher, I have been studying and developing solutions that enable alternatives to move towards a circular economy.  Here are the main research groups that I have led, working on different themes.

As an advisor and solutions provider, I help organisations to be environmentally responsible or more specifically strategize and execute alternatives towards a circular economy.


Away from my work life, I love to travel, explore the great outdoors, experience eclectic cultures and promote sustainability within our lifestyles.

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