Creating Demand… and Enabling Market Pull

I study recovered material value chains to understand the barriers and drivers to create demand, including buyer behaviour in purchasingrepurposed products. I develop strategies and tools to increase procurement of these products.

Project: Increasing procurement of recycled products among local councils in Australia

This project is aimed at devising strategies to increase procurement of recycled material by government organisations as a sustainable procurement initiative. The first part of the project aims to investigate barriers and drivers for procurement of recycled material and to understand perceived and actual barriers by collecting responses from different local councils. The second part of the project aims to develop interventions partnering with key government and council stakeholders.

Collaborators: Michael Polonsky, Winston Noel, Andrea Vocino

Identifying the drivers and barriers of the public sector procurement of products with recycled material or recovered content: A systematic review and research propositions

Green procurement for a circular economy: What influences purchasing of products with recycled material and recovered content by public sector organisations?