Circular Economy

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Rethinking the way we give gifts

Gift-giving has been an age-old practice and has evolved to fit different traditions and cultural norms over time. They were given on special occasions to

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Why buy when we can borrow?

“You’ll Own Nothing and You’ll Be Happy,” A statement in an essay by Danish MP Ida Auken sparked countless debates about a dystopian future looming

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Convertibles Are the New Black!

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay A famous saying that outlines the impact of textile and clothing is, “The most sustainable garment is the one that is never made!”

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Matching Does Not Mean Identical

Article initially published on Anvarta. Dinner sets, tea sets, cutlery, plates, and dishes – You may have received them as a gift or purchased them

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How do you play well when you are losing?

Photo by John Fornander on Unsplash Novak Djokovic, the Grand Slam champion holding No. 1 position in tennis globally, recently had the most unexpected encounter in the US

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Market Enablement

Studing recovered material value chains to understand the barriers and drivers to create demand, including buyer behaviour in purchasing repurposed products. Developing strategies and tools

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Value Chain Enablement

Studying resource recovery value chains to identify drivers (e.g. profit potential) and barriers (e.g. risks due to contamination and variability) that govern uptake of alternatives

Performing a re-design


Developing new business models and supply chain solutions aligned with the principles of a circular economy and facilitate new product and material designs. Proposing strategies

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Studying and develop methods to compare and measure different alternatives. Performing evaluations to enable business and policy decision making.